At Richard Odom & Associates we have assisted property owners and/or attorneys on many legal issues, including: Eminent Domain; Divorce Proceedings; Tax Appeal; Estate Planning; Estate Settlement; Gifts and Trusts; Foreclosure; Bankruptcy; Construction Deficiency Claims; Fractional interests; Land use (Police Power, Zoning); Environmental Contamination; Contract Disputes; Mergers and Acquisitions; Insurance Claims; Tenant Disputes (Leasehold vs Leased Fee Estates); and Appraiser Liability Suits.

In those engagements we have provided a variety of services, including: expert witness; valuation of the property that is subject of litigation; review and critique of opposition’s appraisal(s); review and critique of the client’s appraisal; Assistance in preparing a list of documents for discovery; assistance in answering interrogatories; preparation of suggested questions for deposition or cross-examination of opposing appraiser; preparation of suggested questions for direct examination of the client’s appraiser;  litigation consulting as an advocate (outside of appraisal practice and with full disclosure); and enlightenment of the client and/or attorney in appraisal principles and practices.